Audio / Video / Music  -  Production and Technical Services

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Inventor of "The Thumbar"            281-851-9594  
I offer the following services: 
Broadcast operating procedures/setup  & consulting
Location Production Technical Services for Audio & Video
 Stage and Studio Technical Consultant * Production/event Manager 
Music production/arranging/sequencing   
As Sr. Audio Designer for CNN TV in Washington, DC from 2004-13, 
beides mixing of daily live and taped programming & special events, I was
in charge of audio SOPs, general maintenance of hard-wired & RF mics/IFBs, and
 programming and maintenance of Euphonix MaxAir (2) and Yamaha (1) digital consoles.
 I designed audio for 1st Surround Sound/HD broadcast of SOTU addresss in 2006.
I also, re-designed and built all hardware interfaces for Larry King Live set in DC.   
Craig Jackson is an award-winning composer/video producer, an accomplished musician (keys/flutes),
 and a concert / studio / location recording / TV broadcast / video production (A1) audio engineer. 
My scores are heard in NASA films and videos at the Johnson Space Center, and NASA exhibits around the world. 
My music video/documentary, "Journey into Spaceon MCA/Universal Home Video, was nominated
for a 1987 Billboard/AFI Video Award, and won Best Foreign Film at the 1988 Fiero di Milano. 
It received rave reviews in People, Video, Cash Box, Popular Photography, Houston City
and American Cinematographer magazines, and was in Blockbuster Video for over 10 years. 
Through my first company, Crackerjack Productions, I provided production services and technical support
for the music/entertainment industry, mixing concerts and stage shows for some of the biggest names
in jazz, country, and pop, and was producer/stage manager for such legendary venues as
La Bastille in Houston and Willie Nelson's Whiskey River Club in Dallas, TX.
I was Chief Engineer of Crystal Clear Sound 24 track studio in Dallas ((1977-80)
Lead Audio Technician for NASA Space Shuttle TV/film at JSC from 1982-87  
Audio Engineer (A1) for NBC (KPRC-TV2) in Houston, TX from 2000-04,
While free-lancing in numerous other recording studios (1981-2000), 
 I have produced, engineered, and arranged for 100s of local,
regional and national artists and bands.  
My tech services clients include:
 ABC's 20/20, CBS Hour Magazine, McLoad Productions, 
MTV/Nickelodeon, Basil Nestor Productions, PBS Frontline, 
Texas Video & Post, and the U. S. Treasury Dept.


Craig Jackson also performs as a solo pianist-vocalist, one-man band
and using a variety of musical combos.
Serving the Tampa - Clearwater - St. Petersburg, FL area 
For more info on booking, or his new CD "Expressions", visit